Once you have configured weekdays and class timings you can move forward with assigning your subjects and teachers in the timetable.

Note: Teachers need to be assigned to subjects first before setting up the timetable

The weekdays and class timings together make up the timetable. To start assigning subjects and teachers to the timetable click on the ‘Set Timetable’ link in the left side menu. Choose your required batch from the app explorer to view the timetable structure.

The ‘Assign’ link allows you to assign a subject for a particular timing in the timetable. Clicking the link will bring up a popup form that allows you to select a subject.

Selecting a subject will reveal the dropdown to select a teacher. All teachers associated with the subject for the chosen batch will be listed in the dropdown.

Select a teacher too and click ‘Save’ to assign the teacher and the subject to the timing. 

Assigned subjects / teachers will be displayed on the timetable as shown below,


Click the cross to remove the entry from the timetable.

Note: A teacher cannot be assigned to the same timing for the same day in multiple batches

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