The timetable module allows you to set up timetables for batches, view timetables for teachers, batches etc, set up class timings and weekdays. We already took a look at creating class timings and weekdays in the getting started section. Let’s go into detail on all options we have regarding the time table.

Weekdays for batches

The ‘Set Weekdays’ link in the left side menu allows you to setup weekdays for individual batches. Clicking this link will bring down the app explorer from where you can choose the required batch.

Check or uncheck days to set your weekdays. Once you have selected all needed working days click save to apply changes for the chosen batch.

Default weekdays

The default weekdays are from Monday to Friday in the system. You can change this according to your region. These default weekdays are automatically chosen for batches whose weekdays haven’t been set up separately.

To configure default weekdays click the ‘Set Default Weekdays’ link in the left side menu.

The steps for setting up the weekdays are the same as above except you do not have to choose a batch.

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