The online exam feature allows you and teachers to create online exams that can be attended by students at a specified time for a specified duration through their portal. Questions can vary from multi-choice, true/false to long and short answers.

Creating an online exam

Click on the ‘Online Exam’ link in the left side menu of the Examination Module to view the online exams already created.

To create a new exam click on the ‘Add New Exam’ button.

The form displayed has the following fields,

  1. Name: Name of the examination you want to conduct
  2. Course: Select the course
  3. Batch: Select the batch under the chosen course for which you want to create the exam
  4. Start time: Choose a start time
  5. End time: Choose an end time
    The start and end time simply indicates the time window during which the students can attend the exam.
  6. Duration: Enter the total duration of the exam in minutes.
    The session will be automatically terminated after this duration has passed starting from the given start time.Students will be able to attend the exam only if he/she accesses it within 1 hour from the specified end time.
  7. Multi choice limit: Indicates the number of multiple choices you can offer for your multiple choice questions.

Once you have entered all required data click the ‘Add questions’ button to save the exam details and go ahead with creating the questions for it.

Adding your questions

You can enter your question in the editor as shown above. Question type can be selected at the bottom. Your options for multi choice will be limited to the number you entered in the previous step.

Options can be added using the ‘Add’ button. To remove an option click the remove icon next to it. To choose your correct option click the alphabet corresponding to it.

Enter a mark for the question.

You may now go ahead and save or save and add another question. Questions can be added later too.

Note: Multi choice and true/false answers and automatically calculated based on the predefined answers you save. Short and long answers have to be evaluated by you.

Your exam will now be displayed in the list on the main page. You can use the options in the manage column to add questions, edit or remove the exam. These options will change based on the status you set for the exam.

There are different statuses for the exam you create,

  1. Default: This is automatically set as you create the exam.
  2. Open: Setting the exam to open will allow students to attend the exam at the specified time. You will not be able to edit or add questions at this point.
  3. Closed: This closes the examination. Students will not be able to attend it anymore. The option to evaluate the exam answers will be available with this status.
  4. Result Published: This status allows you to view the results of the students and they too will be able to view it from their portal.
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