Exams results can be viewed once the scores have been entered. Click on the ‘Exam Results’ link in the left side menu to view options for pulling results.

The search has two options:

  1. Course: Data for results can be pulled based on course/batch. You can view results for all students in a particular course/batch or all courses/batches, for all subjects or for individual subjects etc.
  2. Student: The student name field is an auto-fill form, it lists names as suggestions when you start typing. Simply choose a student from the list and search. You can also use the app explorer icon next to the field to select a student from the app explorer.

The results will be displayed as shown below,

PDFs can be generated for this. The view will depend on the search option you choose.

Default Gradebook

The gradebook option in default examination is a cumulative report of all exam scores of a student in the academic year. Scores of all exams for the subject will be listed here, you may also generate excel and PDF reports for this.

Choose a course/batch and a subject under it to view the gradebooks for students.

Use the scroll bar to view more details in the box.

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