The exam creation process in default mode has 2 steps,

  1. Create Exam
  2. Create Subject Exams

Note: Teachers can enter scores for their students through their portal but cannot create normal exams. They can, however, create online exams.

To create an exam you first have to select your course/batch. Once this is done, click on the ‘Create Exam’ button on top. This should open up a popup with details to be entered,

  1. Name: Give a name for the exam (Eg: Final Exam, Midterm Exam etc)
  2. Exam Type: Choose whether it needs to be displayed as Marks, Grades or Marks & Grades
  3. Date is published: Check this box if you want to notify students that the exam has been scheduled. You can do this later too.
  4. Result Published: Initially you won’t need to check this box, this indicates publishing a result. Notifications will be sent out and students and parent will be able to view the results through their portals. You can publish the result later through the link under the Manage column in exam listing.
  5. Exam Date: Choose a start date for the exam

Click ‘Save’ to create the exam with the details you have entered. Created exams for the batch will be listed on the Exams page.

Creating subject exams in default format

After creating an exam, you will have to create the subject exams under it. For this you will first need to create subjects for your batch. To schedule subject exams click on the ‘Manage This Exam’ link for the required exam.

Here, you will be able to view all the subjects you have added for the chosen batch. Each subject has 4 fields,

  1. Max Marks (Maximum mark for that subject exam)
  2. Min Marks (Minimum mark needed to pass that subject exam)
  3. Start date (Day and time)
  4. End date (Day and time)

You can use the Max and Min mark field on top to enter the same value for all subjects. Once you have entered all the required data click ‘Create’ to save changes and create the exams. It is not necessary to create all exams together.

You can now go ahead and enter scores for students by clicking the ‘Exam Score’ link against the required subject.

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