The options in the left side menu of the examination module will change according to the exam format chosen.

You can set your own grading levels for batches individually or even set default ones that apply to all batches. To get started select your required course/batch by clicking the link in the left side menu. Choose your batch from the app explorer to reveal all exams created for it.

  1. Create Exam: The ‘Create Exam’ button allows you to create new exams for the chosen batch. This is explained in detail under Creating new exams.
  2. Grading Levels: You can configure the grading levels for your batch or select default grading levels for it from here.
  3. Change batch: Allows you to change the current batch.
  4. Exam Name: Click on the exam name to manage it.
  5. Exam Type: Default exams can be of 3 types,
    Marks, Grades Marks and grades. These options are only for display purposes, all scores are entered in numbers. The grades will be displayed based on the minimum mark set for it.
  6. Date is published: Indicates whether the date for the exam has been published to students. They will receive a notification via email/sms/internal message if date has been published.
  7. Result is published: Indicates whether the result has been published for an exam. Student and parents will receive notifications and will also be able to view results through their respective portals.
  8. Action: View, edit or delete an exam.
  9. Manage: The options under this column differs based on whether the date or result has been published.

Manage this exam: Allows you to start creating subject exams etc.
Publish Date
: Click this link to publish the date for the exam if not already done.
Publish Result: Click this link to publish the result of the exam.

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