The Open-School examination module allows you to manage exams in CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education, India) and the normal (default) formats. Admins and teachers can also create online exams that students can attend from their portals within a specified time. Calculation of marks etc are based on the questions and weightage defined.

You can set the type of exam from the Settings Module > Course / Batch Settings > Manage Exam Format

The exam format can be set onĀ 

  1. School Level (all courses and batches in the application)
  2. Course Level (format can be selected while adding a course, this will apply to all batches under it)
  3. Batch Level (format can be selected during creation, the format will only apply to the created batch)

The Examination Module dashboard displays a summary of recent exams and the average pass rate and marks for all exams created in the academic year.

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