You can mark subject wise attendances for teachers just like students. Before you start make sure you have associated the teachers with subjects in batches and assigned them in the timetable.

To get started with Subject wise attendance click on the ‘Subject Wise Attendance’ button next to the department dropdown.

You will have to select the department and the teacher under it to view the subject wise attendance page.

The current week will be displayed for the chosen teacher. You may switch between weeks using the left and right arrows. Only days on which the teacher has classes assigned will be displayed here.

You can mark an absence by clicking the ‘Mark Leave’ link for a class. Marked absences can be updated or removed using the respective icons as shown above.

Note: Teachers can request for leaves from their portals. These requests will be displayed in the HR module, they can be managed from there. Accepting a leave will automatically reflect in the calendar.

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