Teacher’s attendance is based on departments. They too have daily and subject wise attendances. To get started click on the ‘Teacher Attendance’ button.

Teacher daily attendance

Select the department for which you would like to mark attendances for teachers.

On selection of department, you will be able to see all the teachers associated with it and the calendar view to mark absences.

Note: Before marking absences make sure you have created leave types for teachers. This can be done in the Teachers Module.

Weekdays for teachers are defined by the ‘Default Weekdays’ configured in the Settings Module > Course / Batch Settings.

Just like student attendance, teachers are also marked present by default as each day passes. To mark an absence click on the block for the desired date corresponding to the teacher.

The teacher attendance popup form has an extra field to determine half-day/full-day leave. The fields for teacher attendance are

  1. Leave type: This is defined under Leave Types in the Teachers Module. Each leave type has a maximum count beyond which a teacher will not be able to apply for that leave type.
  2. Reason: Enter a reason for absence.
  3. Is Half Day: Check this box if the teacher has taken a half-day leave. When checked you also have the option to select whether the absence is for the morning half or afternoon half. The labels displayed on the calendar for these will be different.

One you have entered the necessary details click ‘Save’ to mark the absence.

You can switch between months using the arrows shown below,

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