Selecting a batch from the app explorer displays all the students in it for marking attendance.

Batch daily attendance

The batch attendance page too has day wise and subject wise view like individual student attendance. There is also a calendar view for daily attendance that displays the whole month and a day wise view for subject attendance which allows you to mark subject attendance for a day. The weekly view is also available.

Let’s take a look at the different areas marked in the picture above,

  1. Teacher Attendance: This button redirects you to the teacher attendance page which will be explained later.
  2. Change Batch: You can use this button to change between batches without having to go back. The change batch button brings down the app explorer.
  3. Day wise / Subject wise: This option allows you to toggle daily and subject wise attendance. Simply click on the circle next to the option change views.
  4. Date: This area displays the current date. You can use the arrows on the sides to switch dates. Click on the date itself to view the date picker for more options.
  5. Daily / Monthly view: This option allows you to switch between the daily and monthly view. The monthly view is as shown below, you have already seen it in student individual attendance.
  6. Send Notification: This button allows you to send a notification to parents. Clicking this button checks the selected date in daily view and current date in calendar view for any absentees and sends out email and sms notifications to parents of all students who were absent for that day.

    Note: Templates for these notifications can be viewed and edited in Notify Module > Email Templates / SMS Templates. They can also be accessed from the Settings Module. Notifications can be enabled / disabled from the Notification Settings option in the Settings Module. Details will be explained in the Settings module section
  7. Generate PDF: This button allows you to generate a PDF for the selected view.
  8. Present / Absent: This option allows you to toggle between present and absent for a student. The present link is selected by default. To mark a student absent simply click on absent. You will notice that the option you choose is highlighted.
  9. Add / Update reason: The add reason option next to each student allows you to choose a leave type and add a reason for leave to that student.

Note: Adding a reason automatically sets the student’s attendance to absent. To remove an absence simply click on Present.

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