Student Attendance

Here you’ll learn how to mark attendances (subject and daily) for students, send notifications to parents etc. Considering you have already created leave types, select ‘Student Attendance’ in the Attendance Module dashboard to get started.

This should bring down the app explorer.

You can select individual students or even a batch to mark attendance.

Individual Attendance

Choosing an individual student from the app explorer will redirect you to his/her profile. Depending on the attendance setting you have chosen you will be able to mark absences for this student.

Individual Daily Attendance

As mentioned above, presence is automatically marked as each day passes. To mark an absence simply click the box for the desired date. This should bring up a popup to enter the reason and leave type.

Once you have entered the reason and selected the leave type simply click on ‘Save’ to mark the absence. Now the label displayed on the attendance calendar will differ depending on the leave type you have selected.

You can click on the same box to edit/remove the absence you have marked. 

Note: Weekends are greyed out and will not be considered as working days in reports. You will also not be able to mark absences for these days.

Individual Subject wise attendance

To switch to subject wise attendance for the student click the ‘Subject Wise Attendance’ button.

Here you will be able to view each subject attendances for a week. By default the current week will be chosen.

Click on the ‘Mark Leave’ link for a class to mark an absence. The form is the same as explained in daily attendance. Marked absences can be edited or removed. 

Weeks can be switched by using the arrows next to the dates.

Note: You need to configure weekdays, class timings and timetable first to use the subject wise attendance feature.

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