So you’re moving on to the next academic year/semester and want to promote your students to their new batches, or want to just transfer students from one batch to another, the promote option allows you to do this efficiently.

You can access the promote option from the settings tab or even the actions dropdown on top.

The promote page lists all students in the chosen batch and promote options as explained below,

The status column on the far right displays the Exam status for each student. Click on the status to see the list of exams and the student’s status for each. The details are shown in a pop-up window as shown below.

Clicking on the exam name will redirect you to the list of subject exams for it. You can then view the student’s score.

The promotion process has a few steps,

  1. Select the students using the checkbox in the left side column.
  2. Select Action: Whether passed, failed or alumni. This status will reflect for the chosen batch details in student profile
  3. Select Academic Year: Choose which academic year you want to promote the student to. You can transfer students to new academic years or even within the same one.
  4. Select Course: The courses dropdown will be updated depending on the chosen academic year.
  5. Select Semester: If the chosen course has semester system enabled then this dropdown will be displayed and you may choose the semester you want the student moved to.
  6. Batch: Depending on Course and/or semester chosen the batch list will be updated.

Once all this is done, simply click the ‘Save’ button to save changes and promote the students.

You can view details of previous and current batches in the student’s profile.

Note: Promoting a student from a batch will no longer display the student in the old batch. IF the promotion is to a new academic year the student will be seen only in the Student’s List for the new year and not for the previous one.

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