Managing Electives for a batch

As explained above click on the Electives Tab or the Electives button under Subjects to view and manage Electives, Elective Groups and add students to Electives for students. Given below is the workflow for assigning electives to students.

Let’s take a look at these steps one-by-one,

To access Electives click on the Elective tab in batch view. This will display all students in the batch who have been assigned to electives. Click on the “Electives” button here to view and create electives. The ‘Add Students’ button allows you to assign electives to students in the batch. This will be explained in the steps below.

a. Creating Elective Groups: 

The first thing you will need to do is create an Elective Group. Elective subjects come under an Elective Group. For example, say you have electives such as French, Spanish etc. You can create an Elective Group called Languages. The Electives will then be added to this group as explained in the next step. 

Click on the ‘Electives’ button to see the list of Electives and view the option to add Elective Groups. 

Click on the ‘Create Elective Groups’ to create and Elective Group. 

The Elective Group form consists of the following:

  1. Name
  2. Code
  3. Maximum Weekly Classes (Number of classes per week)

These fields are the same as the one seen while creating subjects. The Max Weekly Classes field limits the number of classes that can be assigned for this elective group/elective in the timetable.

b. Creating Electives:

Once you have created Elective Groups you can go ahead and add Electives to it. To start adding Electives click on the ‘Create Electives’ button. 

The form has two fields,

  1. Select the Elective Group
  2. Name of Elective

While adding an Elective you have to select the Elective Group you would want to add the Elective to. The second field is for the name of the elective. Click ‘Submit’ to save the elective.

c. Assigning students to electives:

After you are done creating Elective Groups and adding Electives to them, you can go ahead and start assigning them to students in the selected batch. To start assigning click on the electives tab again.

You’ll be able to see the listed of already assigned students if any. Click on ‘Add Students’ to start assigning.

There are three steps to assign electives to a student.

  1. Select Group
  2. Select Elective (List will vary depending on chosen group)
  3. Select students to be assigned to the elective using the checkboxes next to them

Finally click ‘Save’ to assign them to the selected elective. You can remove a student from an elective from the list shown while clicking the Electives Tab.

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