Here we’ll be discussing the various actions that can be carried out within the batch view such as adding students, subjects, setting up weekdays, class timings and timetable, promoting students, marking attendances etc.

To get into the batch view simply click on the batch name in the course list. Once in, you’ll be able to see the steps that need to be completed for a batch. This includes,

  1. Adding students
  2. Adding subjects
  3. Setting weekdays
  4. Adding class timings
  5. Timetable (Weekdays and class timings make up the timetable)
  6. Assigning a class teacher

View students in the batch

The students tab in Batch view allows you to see all the active/inactive students for the chosen batch. You can access their profiles directly by clicking on their name. This option is available anywhere in the system.

This list shows the status of each student too. You can see whether a student has passed, failed or is in progress. The ‘Generate Roll Number’ option creates roll numbers starting from 1 for each student in an alphabetical order based on first name. 

If a new student is added in between or a student is set to active after generating roll number, you get an option to re-generate the roll numbers for the students in the class. This option will re-write all roll numbers of student alphabetically below the new student.

You can set a student as active/inactive by using the options in the ‘Actions’ dropdown next to each student. You can also mark a leave for a particular student from this dropdown.

There is also a link ‘Add Student’ that re-directs to the Student Create page to allow you to register a new student in the application. The batch in the registration page will automatically be set to the chosen batch.

Manage Subjects in a batch

Click on the ‘Subjects’ tab in batch view to manage subjects for the chosen batch. You can add, view and delete subjects from here. Common subjects are also listed here when created.

Use the ‘Add subjects to Batch’ option to add subjects specific to the chosen batch. These subjects will not be displayed in other batches. 

The form is the same,

  1. Name of the subject
  2. Number of classes per week

You can also view, edit and delete these subjects from the Action column. Electives can be accessed by the clicking the button or even by selecting Electives in the tab. This is explained in the next section.

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