Considering you have added multiple batches to a course and that these batches all have same subjects or have a few subjects in common, you would want an option to create them in a single click instead of creating them separately for each batch. The ‘Subjects Common Pool’ in the Courses Module and the ‘Add Subject’ link in each course tab allows you to do this.

Selecting a course from the dropdown, lists the common subjects already added to it. Click the ‘Add Subject’ button to get started with adding subjects.

In the popup that appears, enter your subject details.

  1. Select Course
  2. Subject Name
  3. Maximum Weekly Classes
  4. All Batch

The Maximum Weekly Classes field defines how many classes this particular subject will have in a week. You will not be able to add more classes in the timetable once you reach this limit. It can always be edited if needed.

Make sure you check the ‘All Batch’ option before clicking ‘Save’.

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