Creating Semesters

Creating a semester is optional. If you do not require a semester system skip to the next step of creating batches. 

To add a semester click on ‘Manage Semesters’ in the left side menu under the Courses Module. This should take you to the list of semesters which of course will be empty the first time you use the application.

Click on the ‘Add Semester’ button to start adding semesters to a course. Those courses with the Semester system enabled during creation will be listed here.

You should see a form with the following fields:

  1. Name
  2. Description
  3. Start date
  4. End date
  5. Select Courses

Enter the above details and choose the courses this semester can be applicable to. Then click ‘Create’ to generate the semester. 

Note: Make sure the dates you enter are within the range of the selected Academic Year.


Creating a Batch

Once you have created a course you can go ahead with adding batches even if you haven’t added semesters. Students will be added to these batches. Attendance, examination scores etc can be entered for students on a batch level.

To start adding batches click on the ‘Add Batch’ link on a course.

This should bring a pop-up on screen with a form to enter your batch details.

  1. Name
  2. Start date
  3. End Date
  4. Class Teacher
  5. Semester

The class teacher can be chosen later once you have added teachers. This is not a mandatory field. Class teachers have the ability to manage daily attendance and also enter examination scores for all subjects in the batch.

If you have enabled the semester system for the course, the semester needs to be selected too. This option will not be displayed if you haven’t enabled semesters for the course.

Note: Make sure the dates you enter are within the range of the selected Academic Year and chosen semester.

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