Attendance for teachers can be managed either from the Teachers module or from the Attendance Module. Leave types for teachers and non-teaching staff are managed from the HR Module, more details can be found there.

Let’s take a look at how you can mark absences for teachers of various departments.

To start managing attendances click on the ‘Attendance Register’ link in the left side menu of the Teachers module. To get started select a department.

Selecting a department from the dropdown displays all teachers associated with it.

Presence is automatically marked as each day passes. You can switch between months using the arrows on top. The sheet can also be saved as a PDF file by clicking the ‘Generate PDF’ button. Non-working days are greyed out and the default weekdays set in the application are taken for teacher attendance.

To mark an absence click on the box for a working day, this opens up a pop-up.

Leave type has to be selected first. Leave types have to be created first from the HR module as mentioned above. Refer the HR section for more details.

Note: You will be alerted if a teacher has reached the maximum count for a particular leave type.

You can also choose whether the leave is a half day or a full day. In case of half day, you can also choose whether it was the morning or afternoon half that the leave is to be marked for. Click on ‘Save’ to mark the absence.

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