The Log feature in Teachers Module is quite similar to the one in Students Module. Here you can create log categories and enter logs for teachers. These logs would be visible only to other admins.

Creating Teacher Log categories

To create a teacher log category click on the ‘Manage Log Category’ link in the left side menu of the Teachers Module.

Categories can be viewed, edited and deleted from here. Click on the ‘Create Log Category’ button to create a new one.

Enter a name for your log category and hit ‘Save’ to add it. This can then be used while adding logs for a teacher.

Adding logs for teachers

To add a log for a particular teacher click on the ‘Log’ tab in his/her profile (Teachers List > Click on teacher name).

Logs already entered are listed below the create form.

To add a new log, simply select from the list of categories you have created and enter your comment in the text area and click ‘Submit’. The log comment entered will have details of user who entered it and category type. It can be edited or deleted too.

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