Manage Category

Teacher categories and positions are linked in the system. Positions are based on the categories you create. You can manage teacher categories by clicking the ‘Manage Category’ link in the left side menu under the Teachers Module.

You can see the list of categories you have created. Edit/delete option is available in the Action column. To add a new category click the ‘Add Category’ button.

Adding a category is quite easy, you just enter the Name and a prefix for it and hit Create. The category you create will be listed along with others in the Manage Category page. This can be used during Teacher Registration.

Manage Positions

As mentioned above Teacher Positions are created based on the categories available. To access this area click on the ‘Manage Positions’ link in the left side menu.

Positions can be edited/deleted using the options in the Action column as usual. They can be searched based on name and category by entering the values in the filter option in the respective columns.

To add a new position click the ‘Add Position’ button.

The position creation form contains two fields

  1. Name: Enter the desired name for the position here
  2. Teacher Category: Select the category to which this position must be added to

Click Create once you have entered the desired values.

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