The Teachers Modules allows you to create and manage teachers, associate them with subjects and batches and also manage their attendances.

Before creating teachers we’ll first have to add departments for them. There are other labels too like positions, categories and grades. Let’s take a look at generating these labels.

Note: To create teachers only the department is mandatory. Category, position and grades are not necessary for teacher registration. To start adding teachers you must create department first.

Manage Department

As mentioned above, departments are the only mandatory label for registering teachers. To start adding teachers you have to create departments first. The other labels are not mandatory and can be skipped.

To manage departments click the ‘Manage Department’ link in the left side menu.

To add a department click the ‘Add Department’ button.

To create a new department simply enter

  1. Code: An abbreviated code to identify the department
  2. Name: The name of the department.

Departments can be assigned during teacher registration and is applicable while associating subjects to teachers.

Manage Grades

Grades is another label that can be added to a teacher during registration. To create and manage grades for teachers click on the ‘Manage Grades’ link in the left side menu.

Grades can be used to define teachers who work full-time/part-time. It basically defines the number of hours a teacher works each day and each week.

To create a grade click on the ‘Add Grade’ button.

The teacher grade creation form has a few fields,

  1. Name: A name for the grade you are about to create.
  2. Priority: A set of values(low, medium and high) to define the priority of the grade.
  3. Status: Active/Inactive grade. Only active grades will be listed for selection during registration.
  4. Max Hours Day: The number of hours the teacher belonging to this grade teaches.
  5. Max Hours Week: Total number of hours in a week that the teacher belonging to this grade teaches.
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