The archive area allows you to manage deleted students and parents. When a student/parent is deleted they are first moved to the archive. Details can be restored from here as long as it is updated (if necessary) so it’s uniques fields (email, phone) doesn’t coincide with user details already in the system.

Users deleted from the archive cannot be retrieved as they will be completely deleted from the system.

Entries can be edited, deleted and restored from here using the respective buttons in the actions column.

Student Archive

After restoring a student you will have to change his/her course status. This can be done from the courses tab in the student’s profile accessible from the student’s list.

Guardian Archive

The same rules apply to the guardian list as well. Email/phone already in the system is highlighted by the red exclamation symbol. In case you are wondering how this happens, when you delete a student/parent they are first transferred to the archive. In this time you can actually register a student/parent with the details of the deleted users. So when you want to restore a deleted user you will have to update the email/phone records.

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