This area allows you to create leave types for students which can be used while marking attendances. Click on the ‘Add Leave Type’ link in the left side of the students module to get started.

Creating a leave type

Enter the details for your leave type in the form under the leave type management area.

  1. Name: Enter a name for your leave type. For example, Sick Leave
  2. Code: An abbreviated code for the leave type.
  3. Label: A single or double character label. This label will be displayed in the attendance sheet when marked.
  4. Color code: Use the color picker to pick a colour for the label that will be displayed in the attendance sheet.
  5. Status: Set as active/inactive. Only active leaves can be marked in attendance.
  6. The checkbox that says Exclude in attendance % calculation allows you to create a leave type that can be excluded in attendance. For example, create a type called ‘Late’ to mark a student late but not calculated as a leave. This can be done only if the checkbox is ticked.

Manage Leave types

Details of created leave types can be viewed from the table below the form.  They can also be edited/deleted from here.

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