The application approval process

So once you have enabled the registration link on the login page you will have to start managing the applications that are coming in. Here, we’re going to explain on how you can approve, disapprove, edit or delete applications submitted by students.

The count of new online registrations that are pending can be seen next to the ‘Student Approval’ link in the left side menu under the Students Module.

Click on the Student Approval link to start managing pending applications.

All pending applications is listed here and can be filtered based on student name, application id, course/batch applied for etc. You can also view the date and time the application was submitted on. Even though the student chooses the course/batch while registering, it is the admin who gets to finalize it. Course/batch can be changed during approval.

To view an application in detail simply click the student’s name.

You may also edit the application from here.

Against each application in the pending list are four options,

Approve: Clicking the Approve icon (the first in the image above) raises a pop-up with details of the course/batch chosen by the student.

The admin can change the selected course/batch here before hitting the approve button. Clicking on ‘Approve’ will enter all details from the online application into the system and also generate user accounts for the student and parent.

Disapprove: Clicking the disapprove button will reject the application submitted by the student. They will be able to see the status by checking the submitted application using the application id and random password received on successful registration. Disapproved applications can be approved from the Online Applicants area.

Delete: Clicking the delete button removes the application from the system completely.

Waiting List: The waiting list button allows you to add the application to a temporary list that can be used to manage excessive application requests. You can set priorities for an application so it can be managed at a later time. All requests marked as waiting list can be viewed under the Waiting List area.

Applications will be listed according to the priority number in the waiting list.

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