We took a look at how the admin student registration process works and it seems pretty time consuming if you need to add students in bulk. The online registration process makes things a tad easier for administrators by allowing students/parents to register themselves. The admin however has to analyse these online applications and approve them to save the data on the system. Let’s take a look at enabling and using the online admission.

Enabling the online registration link

To enable the online admission link you will first have to create an active academic year. Assuming you have already done that as it’s the most important step in the system, let’s move on to enabling the online registration for a selected academic year.

Settings Module > Enrollment Settings > Online Registration Settings

As mentioned in the screenshot, you can define a separate starting admission number series for online registrations from the School Setup which can be found in the Settings Module.

To enable the link, simply select the Academic Year for which you would like to open registrations for. Check both the boxes for Online admission and click ‘Apply’. This will now display the ‘Student Registration’ link on the login page of the application. Students/parents accessing your application URL can now start applying for online registration.

Note: The online admission form is the same as the admin student registration form. You can customize this form too using the Student Field Settings option.

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