The students list displays all active students registered. Clicking on a student name takes you to the student’s profile. You can use various filters to list out the students. You can generate a PDF of this list and also edit / delete students from here.

Student Profile

To view a student profile simply click on his/her name from the student list as mentioned above. The student profile gives you insight on the current course, history of courses the student has attended, assessment details, attendance details, documents, electives, achievements and logs.

You can also see the details entered during registration.

You may edit the profile from here, there is also an option to generate the details of the student as a PDF file which can be downloaded and printed.

Courses, attendance and assessments (exams) will be covered in their respective module sections.


The documents section allows you to upload relevant documents for the selected student.

The missing documents section displays the list of mandatory documents that the student hasn’t uploaded yet. You can send a notification to the parent by clicking the ‘Notify Parent’ button about missing documents.

Mandatory documents list can be managed from the Settings Module > Manage Student Document. You can find more details on this in the Settings Module section.

To upload documents select the type from the dropdown and choose your file by clicking the ‘Choose File’ button. Once you have selected the document click ‘Save’ to upload it. You can upload upto 5 documents at a time by clicking the ‘Add Another’ button.


The achievements section allows you to upload documents related to any achievements the student has accomplished in the school or outside academics.

To upload an achievement simply enter the following details:

  1. Achievement Title
  2. Description
  3. Document name
  4. Choose document

Once you have entered these details and chosen the file to be uploaded click the ‘Save’ button to upload.

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