Click on the ‘Create New Student’ link in the left-side menu of the Students module to access the Admin Student Registration form. This is a series of steps where you enter the student and parent data to be saved in the system. User accounts for both student and parent are created directly during registration, giving a valid email will allow the system to send the login details to them. You must be wondering about students/parents who do not have an email id. Well in that case simply enter a fake email address for example, ‘’. The password can be reset by you from the Manage Users section under Settings Module.

Student Details

The first step involves entering the student details such as admission date, name, contact details etc. You can also upload a profile picture for the student which will display in his/her profile report that can be generated as a PDF and printed.

The email, first name and last name are important fields necessary for user account generation if you are using the full version of the application. Email and phone numbers are unique fields and cannot be used repeatedly for multiple registrations. As mentioned above, you may use a fake random number or email. Just make sure it’s not a real email/phone that belongs to someone.

Admission date of the student acts as the start date for the students attendance.

Once you have entered all necessary student details click the ‘Guardian Details’ button at the bottom of the page to move on to the next step.

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