The student field settings option allows you to customize the student/parent registration form. You can add/delete new fields, edit default fields in the system and also rearrange the fields you create.

Creating a new Field

Click on the ‘Student Field Settings’ link in the left side menu to access the create custom field area.

Here you can give your field a name, choose what type of field it should be, whether it should be mandatory or not and also select where all it needs to be displayed.

The Tab Selection and Tab Sub Section are a list of the different steps in the Student Registration form, you can choose where your field needs to appear.

Once you have entered all the details click ‘Create’ to generate the field. You will be redirected to the list of fields once you’ve created the new one.

Managing fields

The students field list can be accessed from the Settings Module > Student Field Settings too.

The list of all student related fields can be viewed from here. You may edit default fields that are in the system already by clicking the ‘Edit’ link next to them. New fields created by you will have a delete option too. 

Certain fields will not have any of these two links as it is important for various functionalities in the system. For example, First Name, Last Name and email cannot be edited or deleted as they are required for user account creation.

You can enable / disable fields for different areas in the system by simply checking / unchecking them in the list for the corresponding area. These changes are automatically saved and does not require hitting any button.

Fields can also be searched for by entering keywords in the search bar on top of the list.

Rearranging fields

Fields created by you can be rearranged in the form. Click on the ‘Arrange Form Fields’ link in the left side menu under Student Field Settings to access the area. Next select a tab section you require to rearrange the fields.

Simply click and drag the fields around to rearrange them.

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