The complaints module is similar to a support ticketing system. Students, parents and teachers can raise complaints to communicate with the administrator. You can pass comments with each other and mark a complaint as closed once it’s resolved externally of course.

Note: You need to create complaint categories first so users can raise complaints. See the next section on how to create complaint categories.

Managing Complaint Categories

Click on the ‘Category’ link under Complaints in the left side menu to manage complaint categories. You can edit / delete existing categories from here.

The ‘Create Complaint Category’ button allows you to create a new category. Enter a category name in the popup that follows and click ‘Submit’.

Managing Complaints

Once you have created complaint categories other users can start raising complaints. Let’s take a look at how to manage these complaints.

Click on the ‘Complaint List’ link under complaints to view the list. This link also displays the number of ‘open’ complaints in the system.

You can use filters to find different complaints if there are too many.

There are two options for a complaint: Close and View. A closed complaint can also be reopened. To view details of a complaint click the ‘View’ link next to it.

You can see all details of the complaint here. The comments section allows you to leave a comment for the user who raised the complaint.

To leave a comment, simply enter it in the text area under comments and click submit.

You can also close the complaint from here.

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