The events feature allows the administrator to create events in the institution and set it up in the calendar. The calendar is available to every user in the system. The application already has a couple of events types but you can generate your own too.

Events List

Click on the ‘Events List’ link in the left side menu to view the list of events created in descending order.

You can filter through events based on the type by selecting the required one from the dropdown in the top right corner.


Click on the ‘Calendar’ link to view the calendar. Generate an event by clicking on the necessary date in the calendar. This should bring up a popup form for details of the event.

Fill up the necessary details in this form and click ‘OK’ to generate the event.

  1. Title : Event Name.
  2. Event type: Select from your event types.
  3. Event Privacy: Who this event is for and who it will be visible to.
  4. Description: Enter a description for the event
  5. Start: Start time for the event
  6. End: End time for the event
  7. Organizer / In-charge: Name of the event organizer
  8. All day: Check this box if the event is for the whole day
  9. Editable: Check this box if you would want to edit this event later

Once you click ‘OK’ the event gets saved and is displayed on the calendar as a block with the colour code of the event type. This will be visible to the users (roles) you generated it for.

You can browse through different months, view the calendar in Month, week and day views using the toggles on top of it.

Event Types

As mentioned earlier, there are a few event types that are already in the system. These can be edited / deleted. You may also create your own event types, click on the ‘Event Types’ link in the left side menu to see the list.

Each type can have it’s on colour code to help identify it on the calendar.

Click on the ‘Create Event Type’ button to start creating event types.

In the popup that follows, enter the name for the event type, choose a desired colour from the colour picker and click ‘Submit’ to save your event type.

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