The News section allows you to write and publish news that will be displayed to all users in the system.

You can see the list of published new articles here. They can be deleted by checking the box next to it and clicking ‘Delete’.

Creating a news

Click on the ‘Create News’ button to write a news article. You will see a form with two fields:

  1. Title
  2. Description( Your article goes here)

Once you have entered the details click ‘Create’.

Note: This step does not publish your news. Users will not be able to see it unless you publish it. See the next section for publishing a new article.

Publishing a news

As mentioned above, creating a news article does not actually post it. Users will only see your news article once you publish it. To publish an already written article click on the ‘Publish News’ button in the Site News page.

Here you will be able to see the list of unpublished news articles. You can edit / delete these articles from here. Once you are ready to post the news to all users in the application click the ‘Publish’ button for the news you wish to be published.

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