The application has an internal messaging system that allows it users to communicate with each other, given they know each other’s registered emails. Do not confuse this with an external emailing system, the Mailbox allows you to send and receive messages within the system only.

Leave requests of teachers can also be viewed from here. 

Group Message

The admin has the capability to send Group Messages based on roles i.e a group message can be sent to all parents, or all teachers or all students. If you create custom roles (Refer Settings Module), then a group message can be sent to all users assigned to that role.

To send a group message click on the ‘Group Message’ button.

There are 3 fields here:

  1. To (Select the role for users you want to send the message to)
  2. Subject
  3. Body of the message

Once you’ve filled in the necessary details click ‘Send Message’ to send it to the chosen group.

Individual Message

To send an individual message click on the ‘New Message’ button.

The new message option is very similar to the group message option except for the difference of the ‘to’ field. Here instead of selecting a role, you can enter the registered email id of the user you want to send the message to. This is an auto-fill field, so once you start entering the id you should be able to see it in the list, make sure you select the user from the list.

The rest of the steps are the same as sending a group message.

Managing your mailbox

So you’ve learned how to send messages, now read on to find more about how you can manage your inbox.

Unread messages are highlighted, click on it to open the message.

You can enter your reply to a message once you have opened it. Click on ‘Send Reply’ to send your message.

You can also view the list of Sent messages, deleted messages and also mark multiple messages as read, unread or even delete them. Messages in the trash are deleted automatically after 30 days.

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