The My Account module allows you to manage News, events, complaints, document uploads and also view your internal mailbox. The Activity Feed allows you to view different activities in the system such as who logged in / out, if a student / teacher was added, if attendance was marked etc.

Let’s learn a little more about the activity feed.

So you can see the activities like a timeline. Different activities that are tracked in the system include:

  1. Employee Attendance creation/update/delete
  2. Employee create/update/delete
  3. Exam create/update/delete
  4. Exam score create/update/delete
  5. Guardian create/update/delete
  6. Log in/out
  7. Student attendance create/update/delete
  8. Student activate/deactivate
  9. Student create/update/delete

You can filter out these activities by clicking on the search icon. This will display a list of options.

  1. The feed type allows you to select the activity type you want to search.
  2. Start and end date allows you to choose a range to view the list of activities.
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