We’re down to the last step in the getting started process. Let’s take a quick recap at what all we’ve done till now.

  1. Created an Academic Year
  2. Added courses, batches and semesters
  3. Added Subjects and Electives
  4. Setup weekdays and class timings
  5. Added teachers
  6. Associated teachers with subjects and electives

Now let’s learn how to assign subjects and teachers to the time-table. This will help students and teachers track their subjects and day-to-day timetable. Teachers will also be able to take subject-wise attendances for students and can also view their own schedules.

The timetable can be accessed from the timetable module.

Select your course / batch to get started.

This should bring down the app explorer. You’re probably hearing this for the first time in this manual. The app explorer is basically a section that drops down in areas where you have to select a course / batch or even a student, mostly in attendance, examination, timetable etc. Check the image below to see what the app explorer looks like.

So back to assigning teachers and subjects to the timetable. Once you have selected your course / batch from the app explorer you should be able to see the timetable structure if you have already created the timings and set the weekdays or you might view this:

Considering you have followed the previous steps and have created class timings, you should be able to see the timetable structure similar to the one shown in the image below,

The ‘Assign’ link allows you to assign a subject / teacher to the corresponding timing. Click on the link to view the dropdown for doing this.

Select the desired subject to view the teacher dropdown. Only teachers associated with the selected subject will be displayed in the dropdown for selection. After you have selected the teacher click on ‘Save’ to assign.

Assigned subjects / teachers will be displayed on the timetable as shown below,

Click the cross to remove the entry from the timetable.

Note: A teacher cannot be assigned to the same timing for the same day in multiple batches

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