The subject-teacher association allows you to link teachers with specific subjects in different batches. This association can then be used in the time-table module to assign subjects and teachers to class timings.

To start associating teachers with subjects / electives click the ‘Subject Association’ link in the left side menu under Teacher Settings.

Subject association

To associate a subject with a teacher select a course from the Course dropdown. This will automatically update the Subject dropdown. The format in the subject dropdown is as follows: Subject Name (Batch Name).

Once you have selected the subject / batch, you will be able to see a dropdown to select the department for teachers.

You will also be able to see the list of teachers who are already assigned to it, if any.

Click on the ‘Assign’ link corresponding to a teacher to assign him / her to the subject / batch selected. This will make him / her a subject teacher for that batch.

Remove an association by selecting the course / subject details to see list of associated teachers and then click on the ‘Remove’ link.

Elective association

This is the same as the subject association. The only difference is the drop-down, here you select the batch directly then select the elective subjects association with it.

Follow the same steps as above to associate / remove teachers.

Note: You can assign multiple teachers to a single subject / batch and a single teacher to multiple subjects / batches. However, two teachers cannot be assigned to a batch in the same class timing in the timetable.

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