The reason for adding this step here is to show how teachers can be associated with subjects / batches and added in the timetable. You can find detailed instructions on teachers under the Teacher’s Module section.

To start adding teachers you first have to make sure you’ve added Departments as teachers are classified based on it. There are other labels like teacher positions, categories etc too. Let’s take a look at how to add departments.

Adding departments

Click on the ‘Manage Departments’ link in the left side menu under Teacher Settings in the Teacher’s Module. This should redirect you to the page where you can see existing departments if any.

Click on the ‘Add Department’ button to add a department.

Enter the name for the department and a code (which can be initials too) and click ‘Create’.

That’s it, you’ve successfully created a Teacher Department. You can now start adding teachers. Below you will find instructions to adding a teacher using the registration process. You can find details on Import under the Import Module.

Teacher Registration

Teacher’s can be added in two ways:

  1. Teacher Registration (Single)
  2. Teacher Import (Bulk)

We’ll be discussing the Teacher Registration process here. To add a teacher click on the ‘Create Teacher’ in the left side menu. The registration process consists of 3 steps where you enter the teacher’s details. User account is automatically created during registration, an email containing the username and password will be sent to the teacher after registration given that you have enabled it in Settings Module > Notification Settings. Refer the Settings Module for more details on this.

Fill in the details for each step to move on to the next. Make sure you enter a valid email if you need the teachers to get notifications. Email is a unique field in the system, no two users can use the same email for registration.

Once you have finished adding teachers move to the next step which involves associating teachers with subjects and batches.

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